170 Years of history


With over 170 years of farm history and an 80 year history of milk supply to the Nelson region we think we’ve stood the test of time. We see ourselves as custodians of Oaklands for future generations, here’s a few things we do which make a difference…

  • Our cows are fed predominately on healthy green grass which is supplemented with hay, silage, Nelson fruit pulp from the local juice extraction facility and spent grain from a local boutique brewery.

  • Oaklands cows are happy, healthy and content, we’ve just invested in a robotic back scratcher so they can get a massage whenever they want, now that’s pampering!

  • On Oaklands farm we store winter surplus water for use during summer so we are not drawing off precious ground and river water.

  • Our farm streams have been fenced to keep stock out and wet lands have been developed to provide stream filters.

  • Compost tea is applied to paddocks to provide a valuable natural tonic brimming with minerals and nutrients that improves soil & grass health.

  • We’ve planted trees extensively on Oaklands, creating natural sanctuaries for the extensive bird life that lives with us on the farm.

Please view the video below to find out more about our farm today