Oaklands Farm has been part of the local community since it was purchased from the New Zealand Co in 1844.

Although John Waring Saxton found his £150 investment “steep, hillish and swampy” he and the eight generations of farmers who followed him worked hard to turn the ground into workable farm land.

The Saxtons did so well at clearing the area that not only did the farm supply the area with milk from their dairy but in 1932 some land was set aside for Nelson Aero Club. Three years later Cook Strait Airways began operating from the grass strip.

Despite giving over more land in the 1970’s to the council to allow for the Saxton Fields sports grounds, roads, car parks and house building, the farm remains in operation just as the early Saxtons had intended – serving the community.

Doing the right thing for the community has always been important for the custodians of Oaklands and so when the opportunity came about to allow natural, farm fresh milk to be sold directly from the farm, it was another chance for the Raine family to serve the public with good local produce.